Gauri - Turmeric Haldi Water


Gauri - Turmeric Haldi Water

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(1)Alchohol Free Toner

(2) No Fragrance

(3)Himalayan haldi + witch hazel toner

(4) Helps Balance pH Level of the skin

(5)Help Cleanse & Detoxify the skin

Gauri – Himalayan haldi + witch hazel a gentle balancing and yet effective toner it helps fight the dirt, grime , makeup and the effect of urban pollution it helps balance the ph level of the skin it helps preparing the ground for better absorption of the serums. Organic face spritzer benefits of our organic pahadi haldi boosts skin health the second step to radiant skin works as a cleanser, toner and natural astringent highly recommended for acne prone

Ingredients : 100% Organic Pure Steam Distilled Turmeric Hydrosol , Witch Hazel , Sorbitan caprylate Ptopanediol , Benzoic Acid

Ethical Attributes: Bio-degradable | Eco-friendly | Sustainable Alternative

Sustainable Development Goals Focus: SDG12 , SDG13