Ficus - Fair Trade Coffee
Ficus - Fair Trade Coffee

Black Baza Coffee

Ficus - Fair Trade Coffee

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A blend of Arabica and Robusta that is versatile and full-flavoured.

The Ficus is one of our most enjoyable experiments till date! This coffee is a blend of washed Arabica and natural, sun-dried Robusta but and wait for it...the beans come from predominantly under the shade of Ficus trees! You will love the unmistakable dark chocolate and nutty flavour notes!

Black Baza Coffee works with coffee producers across India to secure livelihoods and strengthen coffee farming practices that conserve biodiversity. You participate in the process by buying this coffee

Blend: Arabica & Robusta
Roast: Medium-Dark
Grind: Medium
Size: 100 gms 

Ethical Attributes: Fair Trade, Livelihood generation, Bio-degradable Packaging
SDG Focus: SDG 8, SDG 12