Microlot 15 - Kaadger Mara

Black Baza Coffee

Microlot 15 - Kaadger Mara

Natural, sun-dried Arabica (cherry) from Guyya, Kodagu, Karnataka.

This is an Arabica Cherry, Medium-Dark roast which we most enjoy as espresso or brewed in the moka pot with a dash of milk. The processing allows you to take in the fruity notes. Indulge - it's that sort of rich, lingering bean.

Black Baza Coffee works with coffee producers across India to secure livelihoods and strengthen coffee farming practices that conserve biodiversity. You participate in the process by buying this coffee.

Make your cup of coffee kinder to the environment and the grower!

Blend: Arabica
Roast: Medium-Dark
Grind: Medium
Size: 250 gms 

Ethical Attributes: Fair Trade, Livelihood generation, Bio-degradable Packaging
SDG Focus: SDG 8, SDG 12