Wanderoo - Fair Trade Coffee
Wanderoo - Fair Trade Coffee

Black Baza Coffee

Wanderoo - Fair Trade Coffee

A rich and sparkly coffee with good balance and acidity. 100% Arabica.

The Wanderoo is a washed Arabica of the Selection 9 varietal that has been carefully hand pulped to ensure that each bean is completely damage free. The result is a sweet, bright cup of coffee with dark chocolate and nutty flavour notes and balanced acidity.

Black Baza Coffee works with coffee producers across India to secure livelihoods and strengthen coffee farming practices that conserve biodiversity. You participate in the process by buying this coffee

Blend: ArabicaRoast: Medium
Grind: Coarse


Size: 100 gms & 250 gms & 500 gms

Ethical Attributes: Fair Trade, Livelihood generation, Bio-degradable Packaging

SDG Focus: SDG 8, SDG 12