Bergamot Vetiver Bath Salts

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Bergamot Vetiver Bath Salts

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Take your self care routine to the next level with hematite bath salts.

Hematite works on the root chakra to remove all the impurities from your energy field and relieve stress because it is grounding. It is reflective in essence and beneficial for times of reflection. When your thoughts are chaotic, hematite bath will re-centre your sense of focus.

The earthy blend of Cedarwood, Marjoram and Juniper Berry will offer a synergistic experience allowing you to switch off your mind and enjoy some peace.

Size - 300 grams

Ingredients - Carnelian crystal, Himalayan pink salt, Dead sea salt, Epsom salt, Virgin coconut oil, Vitamin E, Bergamot essential oil, Vetiver oil, Orange essential oil, Cinnamon essential oil and Dried rose petals.

Please note: Due to the fragile nature of these products, they won't be sent in plastic free packaging. However, we assure that our plastic packaging are 100% up cycled.