Ivory Cup
Ivory Cup


Ivory Cup

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Beautifully glazed with patterns to serve your morning cuppa!

Lead-free & Dishwasher Safe

These are suitable for microwave, but please note that any pottery can crack when exposed to sudden changes in temperature so bring items slowly up or down to temperature where you can to avoid such cracks.

This is a SIPA product.  SIPA, the Federation of South India Producer Associations,  focused on facilitating, supporting  &  networking  ‘Sustainable  Livelihood through Fairtrade concepts. 

Material: Ceramic

Size :3 inches wide x 3 inches tall   

Ethical Attribute: Handmade, support Livelihood, Fairtrade

Sustainable Development Goals supported: SDG8SDG12 

Please note: Due to the fragile nature of these products, they won't be sent in plastic free packaging. However, we assure that our plastic packaging are 100% up cycled.