Laundry Wash
Laundry Wash

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Laundry Wash

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Discover our washing liquid made entirely from natural vegetable oils and does not contain any added chemicals or synthetic fragrances. A lifesaver for those with sensitive skins prone to aggravation from regular washing powders. It is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Ph balanced and suitable for delicate fabrics and baby clothes. The plant based cleansers and enzymes present effectively clean the stubborn stains of milk, food and dirt. It eliminates bad odour and does not irritate the sensitive skin of babies and kids. It doesn’t fade or bleach delicate fabric. Biodegradable and non toxic.

Ph balanced - No fading or bleaching of the fabric
100% Natural ingredients
Naturally driven, herbs based and non-toxic to environment
Gentle and suitable on sensitive skin
Plant based enzymes and cleansers for tough stains


Machine Wash: To each full washing load add three heaped tablespoons of liquid directly into the washing tub with the clothes.

Dilute 10 ml (3 tablespoons) of liquid in 5 litre water and stir well. Soak the soiled clothes completely for 30 minutes and wash thereafter.

Lasts over 25+ loads for 250 ml liquid. To be used in small quantities because of potent ingredients that are designed to wash well while leaving a pleasant fragrance.