Memory Game
Memory Game

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Memory Game

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This Memory Game of Ara and Birdie is the best way to uplift spirit of family togetherness. There is a wonderful acceleration in the family time which eventually decreases  technology screen time. Its a fun way of teaching and learning many healthy practices and habits.


The wooden box consists of 50 playing cards, 1 instruction card and mini story book. Colourful paper playing cards have cute illustrations of Ara and Birdie which were all initially hand drawn. Memory Game helps in developing positvie feels, memory skills, visual differentiation, observation and concentration.

How to Play:

-Initially mix up the cards and lay them in rows, facing downwards.

-In your chance, turn over any two cards

-if the two cards match, keep them with you. If they don't match, turn them back over.

-Read the virtues written on each card and playfully remember the significance of the same.

-Watch and remember during other players turn. The game is over when all the cards have been matched.

-The player with the most matches and fast learner of the virtues, wins.

Alternative way of playing for kids:

 -Take a set of 10 cards.

-Divide them into set A and set B.

-Lay cards of set A upfront

-And give  set B to match.