Royal Magnolia All Natural Shampoo
Royal Magnolia All Natural Shampoo

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Royal Magnolia All Natural Shampoo

Royal Magnolia Champacca Shampoo

Indulge in this all-natural parabens and sulphate free shampoo made from harvest ingredients, that are grown employing traditional farming practices in Southern  India. This shampoo will revitalize your hair care routine and address deep rooted issues that cause hair loss, scalp ph. imbalance etc

The fragrance so heavy and rich you will feel indulgent instantly leaving you all exotic and relaxed. It helps to control and prevent UV radiation damage.
This restorative shampoo combines centuries-old healing herbs and extracts like magnolia champacca, coconut oil ,cocoa butter with a bio- flavonoid restorative complex to balance your scalp and strengthen each hair strand.

The cocoa, tender coconut water, and safflower extracts protect your hair from aging. It prevents oxidative stress and replenishes the deteriorated natural keratins in your hair. This shampoo also prevents your hair from drying out and getting damaged. It deeply moisturizes your hair for a long-lasting youthful look. It contains a rare ingredient like quercetin that deeply nourish each hair strand for healthy growth.

250 ml