Vegetable Fridge Bags
Vegetable Fridge Bags
Vegetable Fridge Bags

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Vegetable Fridge Bags

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Affirmations are positive statements or words that you repeat to yourself to attract miraculous manifestations.
Made of cotton, these bags have affirmations printed on them. They urge you to affirm enhancing Love, Compassion and Gratitude. These bags are reusable, durable and sustainable.

How to Use:
Carry or store your fruits or vegetables in these bags. When you consciously affirm the words, you infuse the same energy into the vegetables or fruits too, that in turn is eventually consumed by you.
Your raw naturals carry the vibes that make you happy!

Description: Comes in a set of 3 bags of different sizes, each with a positive statement printed on it.

Colour, Material : Cotton Grey, Beige color
Dimension : “3 Bag Set
Small:         L-270 x W-245
Medium :   L-330 x W-295
Big :           L-380 x W-320”

Product Weight : 0.133 Kg