Bamboo Toothbrush - Kids


Bamboo Toothbrush - Kids

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Plastic Toothbrushes are made of polypropylene plastic and nylon which can take upto 1000 years to decompose. Not the right kind of footprint we want to leave behind.
Switch to these Bamboo Toothbrushes which can be composted and are easily biodegradable.

Naturally consisting of anti microbial properties
FDA approved.
100% Biodegradable bamboo handle
The Bamboo Toothbrush bristles are infused with activated charcoal. Charcoal has antimicrobial properties which helps reduce bacteria and plaque activity in the mouth removing extrinsic stains, keeping your teeth clean and beautiful.

Care – Dry it after each use and let it get some air, store it in a well-ventilated space. Change as recommended by experts.

Disposal – after the toothbrush wears out you can remove the bristles and dispose the handle into a compost bin or it can be used for various cleaning purposes, or get creative like putting in your garden plant stake to identify your plants. Nylon4 is biodegradable under special conditions.

Ethical Attributes: Bio-degradable | Eco-friendly | Sustainable Alternative

Sustainable Development Goals Focus: SDG12 , SDG13