Fairkonnect works on business development and empowerment of artisans at the same time helping buyers identify the right artisan group to work with making the communications and transactions hassle free. 
Fairkonnect's vision includes but is not limited to the below services.
    • Generate sustainable livelihood
    • Channelise Artisan produce to the market
    • Market Identification
    • Best Practice Sharing
    • Design intervention
    • Capacity Building
    • Skill Development
    • Passion for crafts
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Blending modern design with traditional crafts
    • Visibility to artisans in global market
    • Ethical and fair products for global buyers


With over a decade’s experience of working with weavers and artisans, Farikonnect comes with a strong understanding of crafts, weaves and design. Closely working with farmers, spinners and weavers helps to realise the buyer’s needs thoroughly and identify the right craft groups to fit the need. By directly dealing with farmers as well, Fairkonnect also helps you to get traceable produces. Fairkonnect measures and further understands the roadblocks in the artisan sector at different points in the supply chain and develop measures to smoothen the transition and transaction.
Exclusive products that are designed with local artisans combine modern with traditional craftsmanship. Fairkonnect’s talent and passion for craft and commitment to support the artisans enables to offer the clients handcrafted products that pay tribute to the heritage of artisanal culture in India.


Fairkonnect helps artisans and craftsmen streamline their process to get themselves market ready. By helping the artisan groups with Design interventions, Business Development Services along with Skill Development & Capacity building, artisans are enable to generate a sustainable economic state for themselves. Fairkonnect identifies the right trade shows globally to elevate the artisans by taking the products to the target audience.
Fairkonnect helps buyers and consumers identify the right artisan group and handhold them through the custom development and procurement. Fairkonnect helps in building existing relationship by identifying the development potential, streamlining the process and communication channels.


Fairkonnect guides artisan groups to identify new markets and business opportunities to take their products global. We integrate artisans and global trade to generate more income and thereby improve their livelihood, yielding economic benefits that could transform the economy of certain even a nation as a whole.
Fairkonnect attends international trade fairs featuring artisan products across the globe enabling visibility of global buyers to the artisan products, literally connecting artisans and buyers. This plays a huge role in best practice sharing and development of new products as well as indentifying new marketing avenues.
Through our brand Ethic Attic, we have developed a range of Fair Trade Organic Cotton Clothing and Sustainable Clothing. We also believe that Natural dyeing can be a great way to move away from heavily polluting clothing. We have a range of natural dyed clothing as well in store for you.