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Project Hennu is a community development initiative by Fairkonnect

Fair Trade puts people first. As explanatory by itself, its principles ensure the trade is fair. Fair Trade proves itself to be a solid contribution to the battle against economic crisis, climate change and economic impoverishment.

Any time a product is bought, each transaction has the power to bring a change in the way trade is carried out. We want our clients and customers to have the option of being an agent of such permanent change.

Project Hennu empowers women from the urban slums of Bangalore by providing them with training and employment. 

You may donate any small amount as you please. Your support ensures continuous employment opportunity to these women. We thank you!




Project Hennu needs your help!


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As you all know this project was initiated in 2020 during the pandemic to support the under privileged women from urban slums of Bangalore. When we adopted this group we had started to believe that we can support these women to earn a good dignified living. 

As the project took off well as planned we are facing a new challenge with this pandemic hitting hard as second wave with a new mutant. Four of our women has been infected by this new COVID 19 mutant and has forced us to shut down the production temporarily. This present mutant being deadly and spreading fast the Indian govt is failing in fulfilling or controlling the neither spread of this virus nor able to support with enough infrastructure for the people who are infected.

Hence our efforts of supporting the Project Hennu can’t take effect unless we have the support of everyone in our Fair Trade Community.

That’s where you come in!

We are reaching out to ask if you can donate any amount to help these women in their medical support or fund the project Hennu to keep it sustain until the time women get back to work after their recovery from COVID19.

A. Medical support to women who can’t afford private hospitalization and the medication expense to recover from the COVID19, due to lack of Govt Infrastructure.

B. Project Hennu, to keep the operation up and running till the women recover from their COVID19 until they get back to their routine for earning their livelihoods.

Not just our women, their families are also suffering. They have lost family members, their spouses/children have lost their jobs. This a trying time and any help from you will go a long way to make a different in the lives of these women. 

You may donate any small amount as you please. Your support ensures these women can get back up on their feet with health and strength. We thank you!

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