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About us


Fairkonnect bridges the socially aware buyers to the artisans to ensure ethical trade through fair trade practices. The artisan and crafts sector all over the world is quite unorganised and do not get the prominence that it deserves. Fairkonnect elevates awareness about artisans and the part they play in the global economic growth through their services.

Fairkonnect helps their clients source ethically produced, sustainable and Fair Trade products and at the same time attend global show taking the artisan products providing a global market. We attend the right shows for the right product, be the clients eyes and ears and bring to you the expert advices and experiences from the show.

The company’s focus is on popularising Fair Trade through services and products. Our expertise and services  are extended to any buyers and producer groups who are interested in widening their fair trade horizons.

Our in house brand Ethic Attic is for Fair Trade Organic Cotton Clothing and Sustainable Clothing in India. We also retail at some select stores internationally.



            Pradeep Krishnappa                                                   Rema Sivaram                                                  Awon Khamrang
                     Director                                                               Creative Director                                                     Retail Head
       Bhavya Sundar                                                                                                             
          Design Intern