Rose Gold Straw - Straight
Rose Gold Straw - Straight
Rose Gold Straw - Straight


Rose Gold Straw - Straight

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Got all things Rose Gold? This straw is your best friend

Do you know the plastic straws that we casually toss away can reach the oceans and take away the lives of gentle turtles?

Its time to ditch the plastic straw. Sip your Starbucks sustainably now

A healthy and sustainable alternative for enjoying your favorite drinks. It has natural antimicrobial attributes and comes with various health benefits. Take this small step towards living healthy and saving our planet by switching over to a reusable copper straw. 
Size – 4mm*20.4cm (Diameter*Length)
Material – Copper
Care – A simple rinse after each with brush cleaner will keep it clean.
Life-span – Last for years
Packaging – Eco-friendly

Ethical Attributes: Bio-degradable | Eco-friendly | Sustainable Alternative