David Claude Favere from SLOW ClOTHES

Slow Clothes is a Spanish brand in the frontier of Slow Fashion Movement. The brand offers clothes made out of natural materials, linen, and cotton clothes inspired by Ibizan style.  Fabrics are adorned with embroidery made by artisans practicing centuries’ old tradition.

What is the ideology and inspiration behind Slow Clothes

Since the time Slow Clothes was founded, we were convinced that we have to work being conscious of the origin of the products, We were cautious to give more importance on how the products are made and also not being in a hurry to mass produce and fall into fast fashion.

These thoughts got us in to the slow fashion movement, working with artisan people and natural cotton.


What are the materials you work with and where are your clothes made?

We work with 100% natural cotton. Our products are made in different parts of South America.


How do enterprises like Slow Clothes contribute to the Fair Trade and Slow Fashion movement?

We have always been aware of the Fair Trade standards and ensure we follow them in our trade process. We monitor and work closely with our suppliers and ensure that the artisans have good working conditions and are paid fair wages. We have been able to employ more than 600 artisans for various processes in our production. This has enabled them to earn a livelihood for themselves and stay sustainable. We expect to get out Fair Trade Certificate soon.


Your thoughts on growth in the Ethical Fashion industry

With growing awareness on sustainability and Fair Trade, the growth prospects of this industry is immense in the coming years. We are glad to contribute in all possible ways to this movement.


Any exciting plans for 2016-2017

We plan to expand to new markets, new places and spread the slow fashion movement wherever we go.


Tell us about your experience being part of the Trade Shows

Trade Shows are a great place to meet new clients, interesting industry people and earn a whole lot of new experience. The whole exercise is very positive. What makes things very easier for companies like Slow Clothes in certain Ethical shows is that visitors are already aware of the need for an ethical fashion industry. At other shows, we are happy to spread the awareness.


Thank you David, for speaking with us. We wish you All the best!