Plastic Free Living

Plastic has been creating a havoc in all our lives. Although Plastic has been pertinent in a lot of development especially in filed like medicine, yet there are million places where it is replaceable.

There are various movements, collectives and communities where participants avoid single use plastics and replace with more sustainable options, The community also shares tips to lead a plastic free life. One such movement is Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. 

Ethic Attic, as a sustainable concept store, has always been promoting Plastic Free Living. We have an array of products that can help you live a plastic free lifestyle.

Here are few tips for you to lead a zero plastic lifestyle.

1. Carry your own shopping bag always to avoid using fresh consumption of disposable carry bags. Be it plastic or paper bag, carrying our own bag can avoid over consumption. Carry all your essentials in this cotton canvas tote bag which supports a women empowerment project as well.

2. Packaged Water bottles are mindlessly tossed away and constitutes to a larger percentage of plastic trash, including marine trash. Always remember to carry a water bottle and thus avoiding disposable packaged drinking water bottles. This stainless steel water bottle also has a sleeve made from dried leaf by local artisans

3. A reusable cutlery kit can hold all that you need while eating out or just strolling through street food joints. While having a tender coconut or that chat, use your own cutlery, which is safer and also environment friendly. Be it straw, spoon or a napkin, avoid disposables by carrying your own set. 

4. Over the last decade or so, the consumerist market has pushed products that we do not need to us. Liquid bath gels and shower gels are just badly produced chemicals that cause harm during production and usage. A good old soap made from all natural ingredients come with least amount of packaging and are also good for your body and face. Yes, you do not need that face wash and hand cream. They all are one and same. 

5. Another product that has encroached are the various shaped and sized cleaning brushes. But we have natural alternatives for these. Coir brushes last a long time and are also 100% bio-degradable.

Small changes by a bunch of us can go a long way. These are only few tips to go plastic free, but there a million other places where plastic is replaceable. Let us do our bit to make this planet plastic free.