Weaving gold in Assam

The weaving village of Assam, Sualkuchi used to be buzzing with various crafts until last century. Now when you walk through the tiny by lanes of the village, all you hear is loud thumps of shuttle looms. Fine Tussar and Muga yarns shining in bright sun is undeniably attractive.

With the increasing popularity of the handwoven magic from the region, many other artisans have moved from their traditional crafts to weaving now, making this a hotspot.

Mekhela Chador is the traditional wear of Assamese and is still very popular among adults of all age groups unlike many other parts of India who have moved to Salwar Kameez and other western wear. It is a refreshing and inspiring sight to see such a popular traditional wear which is part of your daily life and not just an "Occasional wear" or an  "Ethnic Day wear". :)

Some snippets of what we saw for you to see:

The weaving techniques and motifs are still very traditional. They are so beautiful that it totally deserves a wider reach among lovers of  hand loom!