Future of Sustainable Consumerism

COVID-19 happened just when the SDGs were gaining traction and a significant number of countries were making good progress. As all resources are being used to contain the spread of the virus and dealing with its negative impacts, the hard reality is that countries are re-looking at their priorities and reallocating resources to fight the pandemic. As a new and emerging industry, how will the future of Sustainable Industries turn out? Although the relevance is still high for sustainable industries, we will need policies and regulations to bring back the focus on the environment and health. As people get back to normal life in the coming months, there is a dire need to fill a lot of vacuum and develop new methods to address the same issues.`

The web panel discussion took place on 20th May. The panellists shared their thoughts on Sustainability and its future.

Uma Prajapathi (Founder of Upasana Conscious Fashion)
Lena Robra (Bengaluru Sustainability Forum)
Sujata Goswami (Executive Director of Sasha Association for Craft Producers)
Sriram Kuchimanchi (Ashoka Fellow & Founder of Smarter Dharma)

Rema Sivaram (Co-founder of Ethic Attic)

You can watch the recording of the panel discussion here: