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Future of Sustainable Consumerism

COVID-19 happened just when the SDGs were gaining traction and a significant number of countries were making good progress. As all resources are being used to contain the spread of the virus and dealing with its negative impacts, the hard reality is that countries are re-looking at their priorities and reallocating resources to fight the pandemic. As a new and emerging industry, how will the future of Sustainable Industries turn out? Although the relevance is still high for sustainable industries, we will need policies and regulations to bring back the focus on the environment and health. As people get back to normal life in the coming months, there is a dire need to fill a lot of vacuum and develop...

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Natural Dyes or Synthetic Dyes: What’s Your Pick?

According to one legend, a dog’s interest in a snail washed up on a beach was responsible to have found the colour purple. This incident apparently occurred several centuries ago in the city of Tyre (in Lebanon), when its tutelary god, Melqart, was taking a stroll on the beach with his mistress Tyros and their pet took a bite of a snail, and its mouth turned purple. Mesmerised by the shade, she immediately felt the urge to have an outfit with this same colour. Whether this story holds true or not, dyeing goes a long, long way back apparent in several different historic incidences, having found a firm place in the manufacturing of textiles, in particular, with the process involved...

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Serving a waste-free, green business - Sustainability in restaurants

Today sustainability has become a revolution. It is not just a fad but an inclusive and immersing lifestyle shift that economies are adapting to. An industry that urgently requires to absorb this habit is food and hospitality. Here are a few ways of how restaurant businesses can make an impact by embracing sustainable practices.Infrastructure:From bricks and concrete to chairs and tables everything plays a part in the efficient running of a restaurant. Choosing ethical aesthetics is one such idea, which is appealing to both eyes and the environment. For instance, furniture made of wood or metal is a high contender as opposed to plastic or fibre seating. The lighting plays a key role in setting the ambience and LEDs (light...

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