Slow Fashion, Ethical Fashion, Sustainable Fashion. Confused?

As the fashion industry is being revolutionised, a whole lot of new terms pop up. You might have been hearing the terms "Slow Fashion", "Ethical Fashion" and "Sustainable Fashion" or must have heard for the first time very recently. So are you wondering what are these? 
They are nothing out of this world, but what exactly the whole world should more towards ideally. After the Rana Plaza collapse, considered the deadliest disaster in the history of garment industry, in 2013 in Bangladesh, Global Fashion Industry got a glimpse into the poor working conditions of factory workers and pressure due to short production deadlines from buyers due to the quick changes of designs, referred to as fast fashion. 
All this encouraged and gave fuel to the movement called Slow Fashion which represents everything ethical and green. Slow Fashion encourages sustainable production methods, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and (ideally) zero waste. Slow Fashion is not your typical mass produced fashion, but a conscious decision without due respect to planet and people behind the product.
Slow Fashion also encourages usage of alternative fabrics like that are made of Lotus, Bamboo, Banana, Soya etc which are grown sustain-ably and organically. 
Through our brand, Ethic Attic, we are contributing is small ways possible to this movement through our collection made of Organic Cotton & Lotus Fabrics. 
We host the "Slow Fashion Weekend" from 10th to 12th February at our design studio with the intent to spread the awareness and purpose behind Slow Fashion. 
Come, join us and be part of this movement.