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Ethic Attic supports UN's Sustainable Development Goals

At the onset, Sustainable Development Goals are a set of superbly ambitious and transformational vision. These 17 goals are global and are meant to bring peace and prosperity to the planet and its people. All the member states commit to work tirelessly for the implementation of the same. At Ethic Attic, we have always believed our work to impact people and planet, hence always trying to make and stock products that are people and planet friendly.  We have been believers of Fair Trade which are interlaced itself with the sustainable development goals. Today, we look at three of our product lines and how we connect and contribute to Sustainable Development Goals. One of the points about SDG1: No PovertySDG Goal...

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Serving a waste-free, green business - Sustainability in restaurants

Today sustainability has become a revolution. It is not just a fad but an inclusive and immersing lifestyle shift that economies are adapting to. An industry that urgently requires to absorb this habit is food and hospitality. Here are a few ways of how restaurant businesses can make an impact by embracing sustainable practices.Infrastructure:From bricks and concrete to chairs and tables everything plays a part in the efficient running of a restaurant. Choosing ethical aesthetics is one such idea, which is appealing to both eyes and the environment. For instance, furniture made of wood or metal is a high contender as opposed to plastic or fibre seating. The lighting plays a key role in setting the ambience and LEDs (light...

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